To E-Smoke or Not To E-Smoke

Published on 4/24/2014
Categories: E-Cigarette, Handbook Policy

direct-e-cig-electronic-cigarette[1]These days you can’t drive by a strip mall without seeing a retailer that sells what is now becoming known as E-Cigarettes. They come in many forms but the general concept is that it is an electronic device that mimics the look and sensation of smoking a real cigarette by vaporizing nicotine which the “smoker” then inhales. It does produce a vapor when the smoker exhales just like the real thing.

People who use the e-cigarettes have many reasons why they use them, it mimics real smoking but is less dangerous to their health, second-hand “vapors” from them are less dangerous, but the topmost reason is that it is a tool to help them quit smoking altogether. Read more…

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