Corporate Representation

Forming a Business is More than Applying Online.

Whether you own an existing business or are considering starting one, you undoubtedly have run across the advertisements that you can prepare your own incorporation for a fraction of the cost of an attorney. Sites like these handle the basic articles of incorporation or organization for the business but do not consider everything that your business needs. We have incorporated hundreds of businesses in dozens of industries. For a very cost-effective flat fee, we handle all phases of setting up your business, including obtaining the articles of incorporation/organization, FEIN, sales tax ID (IBTs), and business license, and creating the entire corporate book, including stock certificates, bylaws, operating agreements, and corporate minutes.

We talk with you about the special needs of your business, from questions about employees and independent contractors to decisions about vendor relationships. Each organizational structure, whether a sole proprietorship, partnership, closely held corporation, S-corporation, C-corporation, or an LLC, has different tax consequences and different structural characteristics, and we want to make sure you are fully informed on those differences. We also set up complicated corporate structures including family limited partnerships, multiclass corporations, series LLCs, and multilayer corporations and LLCs. Finally, we prepare our corporate documents to coincide with your trust and other business succession planning. We provide business organization services for companies in Kane County, DuPage County, and the surrounding areas.

A successful corporate attorney spends the time necessary to understand all aspects of your business. Our attorneys represent diverse businesses ranging from construction contractors, manufacturers, IT service providers, retailers, franchisees, physicians, architects, and schools to name a few. Each business faces different challenges that require a creative legal approach. The lawyers of Law Offices of McLaughlin & Associates, P.C. understand the importance of offering personalized representation for each of their clients.

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